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Description of Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the early discovery of innovative biomacromolecule projects, direct management of the antibody R & D team leader to ensure that team R & D is consistent with the enterprise value orientation;

2.Responsible for leading the team to promote the research work of innovative drug projects and solve key technical problems in the process of project development; Responsible for establishing in vitro biological characterization of antibodies or in vivo animal experiments;

3.Participate in the design of biologically relevant in vitro or in vivo experiments of innovative drug projects, and be responsible for outsourcing management and data interpretation, and provide constructive suggestions on in-depth biological evaluation of innovative drugs

4.Familiar with antibody screening, including hybridoma, phage display, yeast display, single B cell sorting, etc., antibody screening protocol, and experience in expression and purification of recombinant proteins required for R & D projects is preferred;

5.Familiar with antibody sequence optimization and modification, including humanization and affinity maturation, etc.; Experience in the construction of bispecific antibodies is preferred

6.Summarize the work immediately and report the progress of each work to the immediate leader; Cooperate with other departments to complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor in a timely manner; Assist the project leader in completing the project establishment, implementation and summary of R & D projects;

Job Requirements:

1.Major in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Master degree or above, PhD preferred;

2.Experience in establishing in vitro assay and in vivo animal models for drug evaluation; Be proficient in relevant principles and techniques upstream of monoclonal antibody drug development, such as screening of phage antibody library, antibody affinity maturation, etc.;

3.Ability to complete routine molecular biology experiments skillfully; Practical working experience or laboratory experience in antibody screening, modification, etc., double antibody development experience is preferred.

4.Teamwork spirit, sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and ability to analyze and solve problems;

5.Good command of professional English, literature review and English reading and writing skills

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Description of Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for one or more links of the development of CAR-NK or CAR-T cell drugs, including target screening, CAR molecule construction, cell transfection, cell killing and specificity testing, etc.

2.To cooperate with the animal model group to validate the pharmacodynamics and toxic and side effects of candidate CAR-NK or CAR-T cells in disease models.

3.Lead or cooperate with the team in designing and developing manufacturing processes for autologous or allogeneic cell therapy products, docking cGMP-qualified CROs or pharmaceutical companies.

4.Work closely with partners to prepare the necessary materials for regulatory submission (IIT, IND, BLA) applications.

Job Requirements:

1.Master/PhD in Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemical Engineering or related fields, experience in cell and gene therapy is preferred.

2.Knowledge of cell biology, immunology, and cancer therapy (background in NK or T cell biology is preferred).

3.Familiar with a variety of biological techniques, such as cell biology, molecular biology, FACS, cytotoxicity and specificity testing, ELISA, qPCR, establishment of animal models of cancer.

4.Familiar with commonly used analytical methods for the manufacture and characterization of cell products, and have excellent comprehensive ability of experimental records (paper or electronic), data sorting and analysis, and logical judgment.

5.Independent experimental skills and teamwork spirit.

6.Good reading, writing and communication skills in both Chinese and English.

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