About HyaMab

About HyaMab

Pioneering NK cell mediated immunotherapy of cancer

HyaMab, based in the Pharmaceutical Valley of Zhangjiang Innovation Cluster, is committed to novel anti-cancer therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), allogenic NK cells, and CAR-engineered NK / T cells with best-in-class and/or first-in-class (BIC/FIC) potentials. Working closely with international leading research laboratories such as Intelligent Medicine, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) / ShanghaiTech University, as well as industrial R&D partners, HyaMab has established a comprehensive pipeline covering from discovery leads with novel mode-of-action (MoA) (e.g. NKp46, NKG2D, MICA/B, CD16, etc.) to clinical-stage development candidates (e.g. 4-1BB, NKG2A, etc.).

HyaMab’s strategy is to harness the power of innate immunity (especially NK cells) to combat and stop the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells. The two focal areas of HyaMab R&D are to develop 1) antibody modulators and 2) engineered immune cells that enhance and sustain the natural killing activity of circulating NK cells. The company continues to build its core competence in immunoncology (IO) with the backing of a proprietary technology platform.

Aiming at original innovation and high international standards, HyaMab vigorously pursues excellence in every aspect of drug discovery and development. To keep and gain more competitive edge, HyaMab actively implements and optimizes its intellectual property (IP) coverage on key products and technologies. HyaMab owns many patent portfolio protection and global strategy layout. More importantly, HyaMab has a leadership core team consisting of people with strong expertise and successful track-records in drug discovery, biotechnology enabling, and business development.




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Pioneering NK cell mediated immunotherapy of cancer
Vision Mission Objective
Integrity, cooperation and original innovation for the well being of mankind;
Through persistence and innovation in the field of immunology, bringing new hope to patients, and meeting the unmet clinical needs;
Discover and develop novel, first-in-class therapeutics of monoclonal antibody and immune cell in the field of immune oncology.
Core Team
ShanghaiTech University

ShanghaiTech University (ShanghaiTech ) is committed to serving the national economic and social development strategy, training scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents, providing scientific and technological solutions and playing a think tank role, actively participating in higher education reform, participating in the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, and striving to build a small-scale, high-level, international Research-oriented, innovative university.

Zhongshan Hospital

Zhongshan Hospital, a Budget Management Unit under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University. Founded in 1937, the hospital was the first large-scale general hospital managed by Chinese people. In December 1991, Zhongshan Hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health as one of the first top tertiary hospitals in Shanghai.

The hospital possesses a wide range of specialties and subspecialties with strong comprehensive strength. Diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, liver cancer, kidney and lung diseases are the main and featured services of Zhongshan Hospital, taking the lead in the particular fields at home.

Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital

The Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital (SNPH), affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, was established in 1920. One of the first grade A general hospitals in China, the SNPH is widely recognized for its distinctive specialties and innovative competitiveness in clinical medicine.

Weill Cornell Medicine College, NYC

The Weill Cornell Medical College in the United States was established in 1898. The medical college and medical research college have been accredited by the American Medical College Association and the Medical Education Council of the American Medical Association. As one of the top medical college in the United States, the college is committed to to educate outstanding doctors and medical scientists, and the college also teaches students by using groundbreaking biomedical discoveries, and provides exemplary and personalized clinical nursing knowledge so as to provide the highest quality teaching to the maximum.

Tianjin University XinCheng Hospital

Tianjin University XinCheng Hospital is a large, safe and efficient, garden-style and green modern medical center at the international level, and an internationalized three-level non-profit model hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, health management and rehabilitation and retirement.

In 2021, HyaMab Biotechnology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin University Xincheng Hospital (directly affiliated). Both parties will conduct deep clinical research cooperation on the joint development of NK cell therapy technologies, including NK cells, CAR-NK cells and other genetically modified NK cells, and further use immune cells for clinical transformation.